Poker Ride The Bull - Angry Bulls, Rodeo Stars, Stampede Run, Bull Escape, Bull Rush
Ride The Bull
Rodeo stars are the best! When you want to be one of the best rodeo stars then you need to learn to ride the bull, not just an ordinary bull but an several angry bulls that really abhors rodeo stars! Yes, when you want to be the an accolade of big rodeo stars, you need to survive ten angry bulls!

So how do you exactly play Ride The Bull? Hold on to the bull as long as you can and don't rush it. This is not a bull rush game, moreover, be careful not to let the bull escape or a stampede run occur.

Strengths of Ride The Bull:
- Friendly cool graphics to enjoy the game just like cool rodeo stars do.
- Outstanding finger tap control to bring excitement to the game.
- Stunning background music to get into the game.
- Create a friendly competition and see who is the best bull rider among you!
- Great deal, won't cost you a thing but gives you tons of excitement!

The angry bulls awaits you challenge! So hop on it, cowboy!
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